I Would’ve Been A Millionaire By 40 — But I Committed Financial Suicide Instead

Why Pursuing Happiness In The Now Is Worth It

Person holding lots of money in front of their face.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

If you could be a millionaire in less than 15 years by staying on your current path, would you do it?

Even if the path caused you to be overworked, stressed, burnt-out, creatively bankrupt, and questioning what you were doing with…

A publication dedicated to the pursuit of Financial Independence; the stories, tips, hacks, highs and lows, and what comes after you reach your FI number…..

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Spenser Warren

Spenser Warren

I design with words | Emerging UX Writer & Content Designer | 4x thriller author | Writing about big life changes | Hire me: https://www.spenserforhire.com

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