Planning to become a millionaire?

Here’s how to do it!

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Becoming a millionaire may sound like a dream. Yet you can become one too. Especially if you start at a young age. Becoming a millionaire is not only for people who are born into a rich family or win the lottery. With the right mindset, you can become rich, regardless of your background, IQ or education.

With declining pensions and rising retirement age, it’s nice if you can take care of yourself. Give yourself the financial freedom to stop working when you want to.

The younger you start this, the greater the chance of actually reaching that coveted million. The most important thing is to make money and make that work for you, save money and make it grow. Day by day, for years to come.

Guarantees can’t be given, of course, but maybe you don’t need a million either to get the financial peace and freedom that make you a rich person.

Become a millionaire? Look to the rich

If you want to become a millionaire you don’t look at a bum to see how you can achieve this. You naturally look at the rich people who have already reached that coveted million. It is striking that the rich on earth have some things in common.

Probably right here is the explanation why not everyone is a millionaire. These people clearly have a different mindset than the average worker.

What millionaires have in common:

About 80% of millionaires are not employed. So do you have a good plan? Start for yourself. Are you afraid of the risks of being self-employed? Millionaires think it’s just as risky to work for someone else.

You could get fired or your boss could make the wrong decision, putting the company out of business. A millionaire prefers to take his fate into his own hands. Just like the profit, the millionaire also prefers to keep it for himself, rather than handing it over to a boss.

Millionaires make strategic choices. You won’t easily catch a millionaire starting a business out of passion. Sectors where there is little supply and lots of demand attract their attention. It sounds logical, yet it’s not easy to spot these gaps in the market.

With a millionaire mindset you see these opportunities and seize them! Millionaires are generally not extremely intelligent people, but hard workers. It seems that 4 out of 10 millionaires never even finished their education. Some were even told they didn’t have the capabilities to go to university.

So don’t let the lack of the right degrees stop you from pursuing your dream. A good entrepreneur benefits more from leadership qualities, than from an above average intellect. Hard work, reliability and self-discipline are the keys to success.

Millionaires think very carefully about how they spend their money.

Most are downright frugal. The image of the average millionaire with a villa, a big car and expensive designer clothes is therefore not representative.

Your goal: Becoming a millionaire

Becoming a millionaire is not something you do lightly. You need a good financial plan. Without a goal to work towards, you will not achieve what you have in mind. The people who have become millionaires have worked hard for many years to achieve this. So you will need to create a good plan and stick to it to become successful.

Broadly speaking, there are three ways you can achieve that million:

Saving and investing

Over one in five millionaires have become rich this way. This is a good way to get rich if you are cautious and start early enough. After all, it can take as long as 30 years to get to that point. To become rich through saving and investing, it is important that you have no debts.

The passive income from your investments is enough for your relatively low standard of living. You save at least 20% of your income and invest it carefully.

“So you don’t always have to take risks to become a millionaire.”

Become the best

About one-third of millionaires excel in their profession. They have risen to become leaders in their market. They often work for large companies or bring in a lot of profit as self-employed entrepreneurs.

Dream big!

The richest people on earth have one thing in common. They dare to dream big and to chase these dreams. By far the largest and richest group are dreamers. Almost half of all millionaires are people who, by following their dreams, managed to get an extraordinarily high income or made a colossal profit with their business.

How badly do you want to become a millionaire?

About 1.5% of the Dutch population is a millionaire. Of the remaining part, a large part would like to be a millionaire. Yet most people live with a month to month vision. They do not really look to the future and how they can change things there. That’s fine, but not if you want to become a millionaire. It’s not going to come to you.

If you really want to become a millionaire, you will have to teach yourself the right mindset and work on this full time. A clear and concrete plan will help you reach your goal. Money doesn’t just appear, you have to work for it. It requires focus, guts, knowledge and the necessary effort. But you know what you’re doing it for. And that’s the most important thing. A clear goal ensures that you get what you want. Millionaires know this better than anyone.

Tips from the millionaire:
Take control of your life, whenever possible;
Plan ahead;
Think strategically;
Set goals;
Work hard;
Watch your money.

The first step to your million

Working hard is fun, but it’s even more fun when you get something out of it. Financial peace and freedom give you tremendous wealth in your life. How nice would it be if you never had to worry about money again?

Business Insider has calculated how much you need to become a millionaire. These are considerable sums and may not be achievable for everyone. But being financially independent at 65 is also a very nice goal.

Everyone has dreams. From retiring early to going on long trips. Dreams are there to be fulfilled. We would like to help you make a clear financial plan, so you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true without any detours. Meet our financial advisors without obligation.



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