Bright Money is solving real financial problems for the American middle class

COVID-19 has shaken the ecosystem so well that most of the long-lasting office functionality would be no more by the end of 2020. People are changing (or should we say, adapting) to the situation fast and moving to the digital world. There’s a digital wave, paralleling the economic instability and drowning job markets.

Similar was the situation in the 2008–2009 recession, where the world saw a rise of new-age cutting technologies. iPhone was just launched and Facebook was starting to gear up to its then competitors Orkut and MySpace.

The financial world was stepping up as well, silently a revolution happened that gave rise to some of the best technologies you could have ever thought of! Investments became a reality and share markets were reachable in pockets through Robinhood, while banking became easier with the rise of digital banks like Chime, Varo, Simple, and SoFi. Now, there is no need for an expert bank agent to advise you for taking loans. You can compare benefits online with just a tap and even get insured with more awareness. Uniquely designed products like Lemonade, NuBank, N26, Credit Karma have touched lives, made a huge impact, and are still doing so with their offerings.

When we started studying more about the new financial technology, we found that no one talks about debt in financial space. Banks make more money from the people but aren’t providing any significant value to improve the financial situation of their customers. They offer short term happiness, but the trap of debt is often overshadowed and ignored.

At Bright Money, we are solving a unique problem, by building a digital AI bank that promises its customers to get them out of debt faster than they can on their own. And we are very proud to have been doing it with our customer first and security-first approach. We have just started, and the journey ahead is very exciting and full of positive stories, and we’re in this together with our customers, and we will make an effort to get our customers to get through this negative element (Debt) with the ease of automation at a faster pace.

At Bright Money, we are building the new age technology products powered with data-driven decisions and a human touch to support our customers. It’s the 4th of July and while the US celebrates independence, the real freedom which 70% of the population is seeking in the US is to get freedom from debt. Being Debt-Free is the new American dream, and we are glad, we have taken our first steps to help the middle-class population in the US to get out of debt. Together, we will work on better finances and celebrate your debt-freedom!

Get Debt-Free with Bright Money

We often publish blogs on personal finance, how we as a company are making contributions in the lives of our users, and we make sure we share our understanding and knowledge through the free source of internet.



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