If You’re Struggling with Multiple Debts, this One’s for You…

How to Pay off Debt and Continue Until You Succeed

Your best method to get out of debt depends on your personality…

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4 min readDec 2, 2019


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We’ve all been there.

Student loans to help pay for tuition.

A business loan to help rent an office space and furnish it before you can see paying clients.

Covering expenses while you build your freelancing business.

Overusing your credit cards to pay for expensive Christmas gifts, vacations you couldn’t afford to pay cash, or overspending in general.

When I started my post-doc (more years ago than I like to think), I had just moved to the US and borrowed $6000 at 10.4% (!) to buy a used car. Paying nearly $200 per month wasn’t easy on a $31,000 salary. Especially when that salary also needed to pay the rent and put food for four on the table.

I know the financial and psychological toll of owing money.

The Best Way to Pay Off Debt Is… Well, It Depends

If you too struggle with too much debt, what’s the best way to pay it all off?



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