FusionFabric.cloud Newsletter: February 2020

Ryan Clifford
Feb 21, 2020 · 3 min read


2020 is in full swing and we have more APIs and features to announce! Plus, we are expanding our developer communities across the world.


Shining a spotlight on our Fusion Invest APIs, these APIs enable investment reporting, risk analysis and portfolio optimization for asset managers. APIs include:

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We’re continually improving FusionFabric.cloud, here’s what’s new:

The Brand-new Developer Portal is Live!

In order to deliver a better user experience for developers, we launched a new developer portal at the beginning of February. This new developer portal brings you a lot of improvements in stability, layout and navigation, that turned into:

1· Faster loading time for an improved user experience

2 · Smoother navigation and fewer loading screens

3 · A better organised catalog explorer

4 · Shorter, more intuitive URLs

5 · A faster and more accurate global search engine

6 · Increased compliance with accessibility standards

7 · An improved application dashboard with a better search engine and pagination support

We now offer a shopping experience with the APIs — while you navigate inside the catalog, you can bookmark APIs that you can later turn into an application in one click:

More than that, we improved the notification panel — see all your notifications in a single place:

Event notifications

Messaging offers a new API model that supports an optimization of the OpenAPI pull mechanism and keeps client applications up to date. Applications can now subscribe through the developer portal to certain events exposed from the backend onto the FusionFabric.cloud platform. Event push notifications are sent at the right time to the webhook URLs defined during the application creation process.

See this in action with the new sample application using the Clock Service API. This sample application consumes event notifications broadcasted by Clock Service API at every 15 seconds and displays a user interface for this.

Event message signature

FusionFabric.cloud implements a security mechanism to let your client applications verify that messages come from FusionFabric.cloud. This applies to client applications that subscribed to event notifications attached to OpenAPIs.

When forwarded to your client application, FusionFabric.cloud performs a byte level validation of the request body payload, and signs the message with a private key that is added to a dedicated request header.

Upon receiving an event via webhook, your client applications should:

  • Validate that the message came from FusionFabric.cloud — check message authentication.
  • Validate the signature of the message itself — check message integrity.

Both actions should be done in one step — you can verify the signature with the paired public key issued by FusionFabric.cloud.


Each month we have fintech and developer meetups happening across the world on hot topics in technology and finance. Become a member of your local Finastra group to receive invites to upcoming meetups.

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And if you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

FusionFabric.cloud Team


FusionFabric.cloud is Finastra’s open and collaborative developer platform and marketplace for financial apps. Access banking systems and data across: retail banking, payments, lending, corporate banking, treasury and capital markets via APIs.

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Finastra Fintechs & Devs

Insights into the latest innovation and technology happening in financial services for developers, product managers and forward thinking innovators!