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Like most Americans, I knew practically nothing about Romanian culture, aside from Count Dracula and Romanian gypsies. Still, around half a hundred Romanian women come to the US every year with K-1 fiance visas. Today, I invite you on a journey of discovery to learn more about this mysterious country, Romanian ladies, and the dating scene. I’ll let you in on a secret how to find your perfect Romanian mail order wife online or offline.

What You Need to Know About Romanian Wives?

👥 Number of Romanian singles: 9.8 million

📍 Top cities if you’re looking for a wife in Romania: Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta

💻 Best dating site to meet Romanian girls: BravoDate

👰‍♀️ Best site to find Romanian wife: SofiaDate

Median age at first marriage: 26 y.o.

🇷🇴 Romanian Mail Order Wives & Dating Sites

If you’re eager to meet Romanian women, here are the best online dating sites to try:


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 25–34

SofiaDate is a top Romanian wife finder, offering in-depth profiles that help you get to know potential partners before starting a conversation. It’s perfect for those who are serious about finding long-term connections and understanding the rich cultural backgrounds of potential Romania wives.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 24–35

BravoDate makes it fun and easy to find Romanian girlfriend prospects. With a host of interactive features like messaging, video calls, and virtual gifts, the platform brings excitement to the search for a life partner in Romania. It’s great for anyone who wants a vibrant dating experience.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 23–37

UkrainianCharm, despite its name, is also an effective platform for finding Romanian females. It offers advanced search tools that allow you to filter profiles by specific criteria, helping you find someone who matches your preferences for a serious relationship.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 22–36

TheLuckyDate is ideal for those new to international dating. Its straightforward approach helps you quickly find and meet with potential foreign partners. If you’re exploring the Romanian wife market, this site provides a simple and effective way to meet Romanian brides.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 25–35

LoveForHeart emphasizes secure and genuine connections, making it a trusted site for those looking for a wife in Romania. The platform ensures all profiles are authentic, providing a safe space for users to engage in meaningful interactions with many Romanian girls. It’s designed for those who value deep emotional connections and are serious about marrying Romanian mail order wives.

Each of these platforms provides unique features tailored to different preferences within foreign dating, specifically geared towards those seeking Romanian wives.

My Top Choice Features to Find a Romanian Wife

What makes these platforms the best for dating Romanian women? Here’s what drove my choices:

  • SofiaDate combines extra detailed dating profiles with flexible search tools, making it easy to find compatible Eastern European women and get to know them better.
  • TheLuckyDate lured me with lots of photos and videos of Romanian mail order brides and made me want to stay, thanks to the media sharing option in live chat for added romance and security.
  • BravoDate had me hooked on Newsfeed, with its endless photos and eager girls ready to become Romanian wives.

Free registration and free credits for new members make these offers extra alluring and let anyone sign up and start chatting within minutes.

Romanian Mail Order Wife Pricing

Disclaimer: You cannot purchase Romania mail order brides on online dating platforms. The estimates I share include the cost of using dating sites, travel, paperwork, and other expenses necessary to support a long-distance relationship.

My research suggests you can find a Romanian wife for around $4,200.

Dating Site Fees — From $100 monthly

Looking for Romanian girls on niche dating sites specializing in long-term international relationships is the most cost-effective approach.

I prefer platforms with credit-based membership, enabling complete control over expenses, with no unexpected charges, and with easy pauses in online dating. That’s exactly how pricing works on these platforms:

  • SofiaDate credit packages come in all forms and sizes, from 35 to 1,000 credits, priced from $12.99 to $200. Users can enjoy live chat at 20 credits per 10 minutes.
  • UkrainianCharm pricing is very flexible, with packages from $9.99 to $149.99 for 20 to 750 credits. Live chat is 2 credits per minute.
  • BravoDate rates range from $9.99 to $149.99 for 20 to 750 credits, and live chat is worth 2 credits per minute.

All in all, expect to spend between $600 and $2,400 in six to twelve months to find a Romanian wife on a niche site and strengthen your relationship for a proposal.

International Travel Costs — From $1,200 per week

Roundtrip tickets to Bucharest will cost around $600, and the price will be the same for every week you stay in Romania’s capital.

Travel expenses

✈️ Tickets: $600

🏩 Accommodation: $250

🍽 Meals: $150

🚕 Local transportation: $70

🥂 Entertainment: $150

Total: $1,220

However, the costs vary significantly depending on the season and your final destination in Romania, as tourist locations get more expensive in the warmer months. My estimate does not account for the money you spend entertaining your perfect Romanian woman, so your expenses might be a bit higher.

Visa Paperwork Filing Fees — From $2,300

We’ll talk more about the mechanics of bringing a Romanian girl to the US later, but the fees for different forms, medical exam, and adjustment of status combined are over $2,025. You’ll also need to pay extra if you miss the 90-day marriage deadline for a K-1 visa or if your bride wants to receive an employment permit.

Wedding Expenses — From $100

If you’re on a budget, get a marriage license and go to the courthouse or city hall to get married. Even if the license fees vary across states, you can usually get one for under $100. Still, many Romanian wives prefer big weddings, so the total cost of the ceremony and reception can range from $15,000 to $45,000 if you host the wedding in the US.

Total Romanian Wife Cost

Dating services: $1,200

2-week trip: $2,440

Visa expenses: $2,300

Total: $5,940

Factors Affecting Romanian Mail Order Bride Price

The cost of living in Romania is among the lowest in Eastern Europe, so the wedding ceremony and reception should be relatively affordable by American and EU standards. Still, other factors might increase the cost. For one, in Romanian wedding traditions, guest lists can be quite extensive. For another, festivities typically continue on the day after the wedding, which you need to account for in your wedding budget.

How to Save Money

Here are a few extra tips for lowering the expenses of dating a Romanian bride:

  1. Consider a Romanian wedding. If you keep the guest list short enough, your ceremony and reception budget can stay under $5,000.
  2. Settle for connecting flights. Few direct flights to Bucharest, let alone other Romanian cities, are available, and flights with layovers are cheaper.
  3. Enjoy generous portion sizes in Romania. Ask your Romania mail order wife if she wants to share when you go out, as most local restaurants serve portions big enough for two.

Another cost-cutting approach is to choose a dating site with free registration and bonus credits, like SofiaDate or LoveForHeart.



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