Pizza With The Pastors

Why I believe you belong at Pizza with the Pastors.

A message from Pastor Ed

I have been on the other end of looking for a church to call home. Not just a place to gather, but a place to belong. To serve. To give generously. To really learn what it means to FIND LIFE in Jesus Christ and faithfully follow him.

That’s why we created a system for people like you, who are sensing that you’re in the right place but you also want to know more before taking that big step closer to using this hashtag on social media, #ThisIsHome.

That system starts with Pizza With the Pastors. A short hangout for people like you or people who have been attending Life of Worship for a while but never made that step to get connected deeper. We provide the pizza and answers to your top five questions. You get to meet some families and leaders at Life of Worship and you get an opportunity to take another step into serving and really join a community that is passionate about helping anyone arise to life in Jesus Christ.

Oh, it does not matter if you have been walking with Jesus for 40 years, 1 year, 1 month, or you never made that decision to follow Jesus, this is for you! This is for your entire family actually!

We would love to have you join us because you truly belong here. Evette and I are anticipating the moment that we get to hear your story. RSVP at LifeofWorship.Church/Pizza

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