Gratitude Daily Photo Challenge -May 2015

This month’s challenge is going to be so fun. I picked this challenge because I love what participating in this type of challenge has done for me. I have tried a year-long photo challenge and ran out of gas around June, but I can surely do it for a month. Sometimes, with these things, there is a word prompt to spark your creativity but this challenge is going to be different.

I would love to see pictures of what you are grateful for. It will be a visual gratitude journal of sorts.

You can take pictures of ANYTHING that you feel grateful for.

Maybe it’s a sunset.

Maybe it’s a friend.

Maybe it’s a clean room to relax in.

Maybe it’s a lilac bush.

Just do it every single day this month.

The idea is to open our eyes to the abundance of blessings around us.

I will admit that I didn’t do great on last month’s challenge. I had a bunch of curve balls thrown at me schedule-wise and I fell into my usual morning routine. So, I am recommitting to finishing this month’s challenge and doing it right.

I will probably be snapping photos throughout the day of things I am grateful for and then posting my fave in the evening. Don’t be intimidated if your photo skills are not your strength. That’s not the point. The point is to first notice the good things in your life. Then to document them.That’s it. Simple. Notice and document.

OH! If you share them online through Facebook, or Instagram hash tag them #findmeaning so I can see them too.

Do you follow me on Instagram? my username is @i_am_kelly_annie. Tag me so I will be sure to see your pics.

Or share them at in the comment section.

Don’t feel like sharing? That’s OK! Take them for your own personal record. You will get just as much out of this challenge as anyone else.

There is a gas station I frequent regularly for my Diet Coke fix and the guy at the counter always sends me off with the same phrase. “Have a blessed day.” I really love that. One time, he changed it up and said, “Take it easy.” SO not the same vibe.

My hope is that by doing this challenge, we can all look back at the month of May as a blessed one. A month in which our eyes are opened to the many ways we are fortunate.

Join the challenge! And have a blessed May. (you can take it easy, too.)

Originally published at on May 1, 2015.