Finding an Online Only Sugar Daddy: Where and How?

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Is there a sugar daddy without the sugar online? If you want to be a sugar baby online only, join us (at SecretBenefits) as we dive into the specifics of these arrangements.

Sugar daddy online only

Best sites to find online only sugar daddy

  • Secretbenefits — among the most popular online only sugar daddy sites available today
  • Sugardaddycom — has an immense user base of 7 million, providing an opportunity to find online only sugar daddy and a wide selection of profiles to choose from
  • Adultfriendfinder — a go-to destination for those interested in different types of mutually beneficial relationships
  • AsheleyMadison — stands out as a platform catering not only to those interested in sugar dating but also extramarital affairs
  • Couparpourmoi — the top option for mature women looking for a young companion

How to Get a Sugar Daddy That Only Wants to Talk

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of people looking for online only relationships has increased significantly, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But what are your first steps on the way to finding online only sugar daddies today?

1. Choose the Right Platform: Look for sugar dating websites or apps that cater specifically to those seeking online only sugar daddy or baby.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Profile: Craft a profile that highlights your personality, interests, and what you’re seeking in an online sugar relationship.

3. Be Clear About Your Expectations: When interacting with potential sugar daddies, clearly communicate your expectations for the relationship, including the frequency of communication, financial support, and any other boundaries you have.

4. Set Boundaries and Respect Them: Be clear about what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not, and don’t be afraid to enforce your boundaries if they’re crossed.

5. Stay Safe: Be cautious when sharing personal information and meeting new people online. Trust your instincts, and if something feels off, don’t hesitate to end the interaction.

In the realm of sugar dating, not every arrangement involves physical intimacy. Some real sugar daddies that pay for conversation without meeting, they just seek companionship and engaging conversation rather than a purely physical relationship. And it’s okay! If you’re interested in a sugar daddy who prioritizes meaningful communication, finding one on SecretBenefits and similar platforms will be easy. But to make your search more smooth, we’ve prepared this guide for you. So, let’s begin!

Best Sites to Find a Sugar Daddy Online

In the vast landscape of sugar dating websites, finding the right platform can significantly impact your success in finding a sugar daddy who only wants to talk. Here are six top sites tailored for arrangements, where you can find a sugar daddy chat only options; and, in addition to our, you surely won’t regret about these:


  • Rating: 4.5/5

Description: Focused on discretion and mutual benefit, Secret Benefits offers a streamlined experience for sugar dating. Men are looking for a sugar baby online only to have a special connection. The site primarily serves English-speaking countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK. Most sugar daddies that just want to talk are 40 or older, while female users typically range from 20 to 35. The platform allows members to find matches based on specific criteria like location, age, body type, and relationship status. To ensure authenticity, Secret Benefits implements a credit system where men must purchase credits to read and reply to messages, deterring scammers. Women enjoy free access to messaging features. The site also provides profile photo verification for added security.

Pros: Enhanced privacy features, straightforward interface, free for sugar babies, multiple public and private photos, no ads.

Cons: Limited communication features, no app, fewer users compared to larger platforms.

  • Rating: 4/5

Description: is one of the leading online sugar daddy websites no meeting, available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The site caters to those seeking older/younger online relationships with benefits and boasts a professional, user-friendly interface. Key features include the ability to upload secret photos and videos, and a video verification process to ensure member authenticity. The site uses a credit system for messaging, allowing sugar daddy online only to control his spending. Members can use editable filters to find matches and can grant access to their private content. also provides free dating tips through its blog. The user base primarily consists of wealthy men in their 40s or older, while sugar babies are typically in their 20s and 30s. To increase match potential, members are encouraged to actively engage by viewing, favoriting, and messaging others.

Pros: Large user base, advanced search options, focus on sugar dating, various security measures, free for women.

Cons: Premium membership required for full access for men, no app, no video calls.


  • Rating: 4/5

Description: AdultFriendFinder offers a space where various interests and fetishes are accepted. Moreover, here, an online only sugar daddy meetings rock! With millions of users worldwide, it’s like a giant virtual party where everyone’s invited. It’s super easy to jump in — you can sign up in seconds and start chatting right away. If you’re into sugar daddies without the sugar, you can use video chats, live streams, or chat rooms for your communication with wealthy males. Sure, you might bump into a few fake profiles, but with so many real users, you’re bound to find someone genuine who’s up for whatever you’re into. You can browse, flirt, and make agreements with like-minded people anytime, anywhere for free. Male members should buy golden membership to have full access and be introduced to hundreds of ladies who are nearby, online, and want some action.

Pros: Transparent arrangement with clear terms, diverse user base, app version, live cams, detailed filtering.

Cons: It may take time to find a sugar daddy who’s only interested in an online connection.


Rating: 4.5/5

Description: It is probably among the top platforms for sugar arrangement, but it’s not only limited to this. Ashley Madison is an active, legal, and discreet platform catering to sugar dating in Australia and beyond. While its features and usability are praised, concerns exist regarding security and pricing. Still, its comprehensive profiles and free messaging for women make it a valuable option for sugar babies and daddies alike. It can also be suitable for sugar daddies online only dating.

Pros: Active and legal platform; Discreet interface; Comprehensive profiles; Free messaging for women

Cons: Security concerns, Pricing structure issues


Rating: 4/5

Description: Cougarpourmoi boasts over 200K active users seeking sugar relationships and casual encounters in different countries. With no mobile app, it offers payment via bank card or PayPal. CougarPourmoi sounds like a spicy platform for connecting mature women with younger men. The signup process strikes a nice balance — about 30 questions to fill out your profile, which gives a good snapshot without feeling like a chore. You get 5 photo slots and 500 characters for your bio, so there’s room to show off your personality without writing a novel. The site lets you fine-tune who can see your profile. That’s crucial for this kind of dating! It caters to both casual flings and sugar-style arrangements, so there’s something for everyone. Some cool features include unlimited chats with file attachments, private albums, and likes. Sending video messages is a great option for keeping the spark with sugar daddies and mommies.

Pros: Large user base, diverse preferences, convenient payment options, verified accounts, hidden private chat, high-quality profiles, and customer support.

Cons: No mobile app, old-fashioned design, free features are limited.


  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Description: Specifically designed for sugar dating, SugarDaddyMeet emphasizes verification and safety; besides, it’s ideal for a sugar daddy online no meeting experience. SugarDaddyMeet connects wealthy sugar daddies with attractive sugar babies. It’s got some cool features that make it stand out: men can send personalized gifts to break the ice — pretty swanky! The mobile app makes it easy to swipe through matches, check out profiles, and send flirty winks. They even dish out advice on how to dress and attract the best matches in the sugar world. The site’s pretty straightforward to use. You can search for matches and spice up your profile with photos. Just keep them classy — they’re picky about picture quality. It’s not cheap to use, but males say it’s worth it for sugar connections. The site gets good buzz, and people keep coming back for more. It’s booming with sugar mamas and daddies looking to fulfill their needs.
  • Pros: Strict verification process, user-friendly interface, detailed profiles, you can block users, sugar lifestyle, gifts.
  • Cons: Limited free features, higher male-to-female ratio, no CamShare.


  • Rating: 3/5
  • Description: With a long-standing presence in the sugar dating scene, SugarDaddyForMe caters to diverse preferences. If you’re a sugar baby online only, it surely fits you. SugarDaddyForMe is a hot spot in the sugar dating world, connecting wealthy older folks with younger partners looking for a taste of the sweet life. The site’s got some cool perks, like detailed search filters and a free trial of the fancy features. No mixed signals here! With 4 million users across the U.S., it’s always buzzing with activity. There’s this Power Match thing for mass flirting, video chats for safe dates, and ways to make your profile pop. They’ve even got this sneaky SMS chat for keeping things on the down low. You can upload as many pics as you want, jot down notes about other members, and never worry about running out of message space. It’s like they’ve thought of everything to make sugar dating easier and safer.
  • Pros: Various membership options, active community, video chats, daddies often pamper online sugars.
  • Cons: Outdated interface, occasional fake profiles, no mob app.

Established Men

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Description: Geared towards successful men and attractive women, Established Men facilitates connections based on mutual benefits. Here, you can find a sugar daddy online only to share your thoughts and dreams easily. It’s basically a sugar baby paradise. The site’s got a really smart search tool that helps paying members find their perfect match. Guys can send actual, real-world gifts to the ladies they’re interested in. Plus, the women on the site are super active and responsive, so guys don’t have to worry about sending messages into the void. If a man shells out for a premium, he gets some sweet perks like a fancy badge, first dibs on new members, and the ability to chat and see private photos. Most of the members are from the US, and they’re typically looking for fun, no-strings-attached dates or mutually beneficial relationships. It’s mostly guys on the site, with the ladies usually being in their 20s or 30s. And yeah, the men here tend to have deep pockets.
  • Pros: 100% free for women, strict profile verification, dominated by male users, real gifts.
  • Cons: Limited features for free members, fewer active users compared to larger platforms.

All these sites cater to individuals seeking sugar arrangements centered around meaningful conversation and companionship rather than purely physical encounters.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby

How to Find an Online Only Sugar Daddy

Finding sugar daddies that just want to talk requires a targeted approach. Here are key strategies to help you succeed:

  • Craft a bio that slaps. Think: “Sliding into your DMs with top-tier memes and A+ conversation. Let’s keep it digital, daddy!” Show off your personality with emojis and trendy slang.
  • Highlight what makes you a 10/10 virtual companion. Maybe you’re a TikTok queen, a Twitch streamer, or a Discord mod. Example: “I’ll hype up your Insta, be your lucky charm in Fortnite, and always have the dankest memes ready to make you LOL.”
  • Use the right hashtags. Sprinkle in tags like #OnlineSB, #DigitalSugarBaby, or #VirtualSugarArrangement. Help those sugar daddies online only find you in the vast internet sea.
  • Stay active and keep your profiles fresh. Post thirst traps (tastefully), drop witty comments, and engage with the sugar community. Ghost and you’ll get ghosted.
  • Suggest cool online hangouts. Propose creative virtual date ideas to potential sugar daddies without the sugar. This could include watching spicy movies on Netflix together online, playing flirty games like “Never Have I Ever” or “Truth or Dare”, dancing or yoga together, and offering a personalized unboxing of a gift they send you.
  • Keep it 100% about expectations. Be upfront about what you want, like: “Looking for daily good morning texts, weekly video calls, and a monthly allowance that’ll make my wallet thick.”
  • Be that reliable bae. Don’t leave virtual sugar daddy on read if you say you’ll send a good night selfie. Consistency is key, fam.
  • Secure the bag safely. Use legit online sugar daddy websites no meeting for your coin. No shady deals or bank info sharing, period.

Finding your perfect online sugar daddy only might take a minute. Stay patient, keep your standards high, and never compromise on your safety. Get that bread, but keep it smart and sweet.Are There Any Alternatives to These Sugar Dating Apps?

Yes, there are alternative avenues to explore beyond conventional sugar dating apps. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn can serve as unconventional yet effective channels for connecting with potential sugar daddies. Utilize hashtags or keywords related to sugar dating to attract interested individuals. Additionally, attending upscale events or joining exclusive clubs might introduce you to affluent individuals seeking companionship. Networking within your social circles or through mutual acquaintances can also yield promising connections. You can go — online sugar daddy no meeting searching, or try out anything else, it’s up to you! Remember to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of individuals met through these alternative channels.

How to Get Money from a Sugar Daddy Online?

Securing financial support from an online only sugar daddy often boils down to practicality. That’s where trusted money transfer platforms come into play, especially in the US and Australia. Think PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and the good ol’ bank transfer. These aren’t just names; they’re lifelines for discreet and convenient transactions. They ensure both parties can keep things under wraps while transferring funds seamlessly. With features like instant transfers and transparent tracking, these platforms are the go-to for sugar babies looking to manage their finances.

How to Treat Your Online Only Sugar Daddy?

Here are some of my professional tips on how to get a sugar daddy that only wants to talk pleased and generous to you:

  • Really tune in when your daddy is speaking. Reflect on what you’ve heard to show you’re paying attention. For example, if they share a stressful work situation, you might say, “It sounds like you’re feeling overwhelmed with this new project. That must be tough.”
  • Use positive affirmations. Genuine compliments and words of encouragement can boost mood and strengthen bonds. Try sharing specific things you appreciate, like “I love how passionate you are when you talk about your hobbies” or “Your sense of humor always brightens my day.”
  • Establish and respect boundaries. Be clear about your comfort levels, respect their privacy, and maintain discretion about your arrangement. This builds trust and safety. For instance, agree on communication frequency, topics, and activities to avoid, so you feel no pressure.
  • Practice gratitude. Regularly express appreciation for chats, gifts, and allowances. This fosters positivity in the relationship. You might say, “I’m really grateful for our talks. They always leave me feeling energized.”
  • Be authentic and vulnerable. Being a sugar baby online only, don’t forget to share your true self, including your thoughts, interests, and dreams. This deepens emotional intimacy. For example, you could open up about a personal goal you’re working towards.
  • Use nonverbal cues in video chats. Smile, make eye contact, and use open body language and femme energy to show engagement. These subtle cues can significantly enhance his generosity.

A healthy arrangement should feel mutually beneficial and comfortable for both parties involved. Take care of yourself and maintain healthy boundaries. Your well-being should always come first. Enjoy a positive online-only sugar relationship, girl!

Why Is It Good to Be a Sugar Baby in Online Relationships?

Being a sugar baby with a sugar daddy without the sugar in online relationships offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides financial stability and support, alleviating financial burdens and enabling a more comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, it offers opportunities for personal growth and networking, connecting you with affluent and influential individuals.

While those advantages come with all kinds of sugar arrangements, being an online sugar baby ensures an increased personal security. On top of that, it becomes much easier to manage your time, especially if you decide to be a sugar baby while in college. You do not need to go on distant trips or spend hours preparing for a date night.

Why sugar daddy that only wants to talk became so popular?

These days, lots of people are looking for connections that fit into their busy lives without all the fuss of meeting up in person. Plus, it feels safer for everyone involved. Some wealthy men just want someone to talk to and feel close to, without getting physical. And let’s be real, the idea of getting financial help just for chatting on online only sugar daddy sites is pretty appealing to many girls, especially when money’s tight. It’s like the internet has opened up this whole new way of connecting and supporting each other.

Here’s a quick list of why it’s gotten so popular:

  • Super convenient
  • Feels safer
  • Keeps things private
  • Financial perks
  • Fits with online life
  • It’s kind of exciting
  • Age and distance don’t matter
  • Easy to end if needed
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Practice flirting skills
  • Explore different personalities
  • No physical expectations

How to Avoid Scam in Online Only Sugar Daddy Relationships

I’ve seen my fair share of online dating drama, and let me tell you, the sugar bowl can be sweet — but it can also be full of sour apples. I want to teach you how to spot and dodge those pesky scammers who are after your time, energy, and hard-earned cash.

Common scams and how to handle them:

  1. The “Send Money First” Scam Example: A potential sugar daddy online only says he’ll send you a large allowance, but first, you need to send him a small amount for “verification.” Never send your money to anyone. Legitimate online only sugar daddy sites are mostly free for girls and male members don’t ask for money. Block and report immediately.
  2. The Fake Check Scam Example: Your virtual sugar daddy sends you a check to deposit, asking you to keep some and send the rest back or to someone else. This is a classic scam. The check will bounce, leaving you on the hook. Never accept checks or forward money.
  3. The Personal Information Phishing Scam Example: A sugar daddy asks for your bank account details to “set up direct deposits” for your allowance. Never share sensitive personal or financial info. Suggest using secure payment apps instead. If they insist, it’s a red flag.
  4. The Blackmail Scam Example: After exchanging some flirty pics, your sugar daddy threatens to share them unless you pay up. Don’t panic or pay. Screenshot the threats, block them, and report to the platform. Be cautious about sharing compromising content.
  5. The “I’ll Pay You Later” Scam Example: Sugar daddies online only promise to pay you after you’ve provided online companionship for a while, but the payment never comes. Always get your allowance upfront. No exceptions. If they keep making excuses, cut your losses and move on.

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your gut, keep your personal info private, and never do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Never send money or gifts to someone you have only met on sugar daddy websites online only, and prioritize your safety at all times!!! By staying aware and taking proactive measures, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to scams in online sugar daddy relationships.

To Sum Up

Navigating the world of sugar dating through SecretBenefits, or any other online spaces, requires careful consideration and strategy. Whether you’re seeking sugar daddies who just want to talk or financial support, honesty, communication, and respect are paramount. Alternatives to traditional sugar dating apps exist, offering unique opportunities for connection and companionship. Remember to prioritize safety, set clear boundaries, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and understanding.

Ultimately, being a sugar baby in online relationships can provide financial stability, personal growth, and enriching experiences when approached with caution and mindfulness.

Please note that some links in the post are affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you click through one of them and make a purchase, it implies no extra cost for you.

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