Distribution Update: Google Play Launches Audiobooks

You can now submit your audiobook to Google Play from Findaway Voices!

Audiobooks on Google Play. Image from the official announcement.

We are excited to announce that we have been working with Google Play over the last several months to help them launch a new audiobooks service. Audiobooks on Google Play has launched this week in 45 countries and nine languages, and we hope you’ll join us in getting the word out in the audiobooks industry!

Your audiobook on Google Play

If you’d like to see your audiobook on Google Play, the best place to submit it is through Findaway Voices. As of today, we’ve added Google Play as a new option on our distribution page. If you already distribute your audiobook through Findaway Voices, there’s nothing you need to do—this option will automatically be added to your title’s distribution settings, and any royalties earned will flow through to you automatically.

If you’d like to see your audiobook on Google Play, the best place to submit it is through Findaway Voices.

Google had a great launch this week with lots of bestselling titles from big publishers, and audiobooks from Findaway Voices will start flowing through in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or want to adjust your distribution settings, we’re here to help at distribution@findawayvoices.com.

We couldn’t be more excited about playing a role in the launch of audiobooks on Google Play, and supporting their ongoing platform growth by providing audiobooks through Findaway Voices. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we continue to grow and enhance our distribution network, getting your content to listeners all around the world.

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