Feature Update: Promotional Pricing

Findaway Voices now supports promotional retail pricing.

Tanie Andraos
Findaway Voices
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3 min readApr 30, 2018


Oh look, fancy physical price tags. That’s about as close as stock photos get for this.

I’m excited to share that Findaway Voices now supports promotional pricing for retail sales on Google Play, NOOK Audiobooks, eStories, LibroFM, and Instaread.

Successful marketing and promotion strategies have driven massive success for eBooks, but these tools traditionally weren’t available in the audiobook market. That changes today. Promotional audiobook pricing can be a great tool to help authors attract new listeners, create a sense of urgency around a deal, and can lead to a higher possibility of your audiobook being promoted by a retailer.

What that means

You now have the opportunity to submit promotional list prices for vendors to consider promoting. Functionally, this means three things:

  1. You can run promotions with these a-la-carte retailers: Google Play, NOOK Audiobooks, eStories, LibroFM, and Instaread — with more to come soon!
  2. During the promotion your list price will be temporarily reduced. The retailer can discount even deeper than the promotional list price, but your royalty will still be calculated as a percentage of the promotional list price you set.
  3. Vendors will typically give titles on promotion more favorable coverage and merchandising support, especially if your title fits into a relevant theme they’re promoting (such as a genre or holiday focus).
An example of what a consumer might see in two scenarios, both setting a price from $10 to $5.

Promotional Pricing Requirements

To keep things running smoothly, we have a few requirements:

  • You must have generated at least one period of royalties through Findaway Voices. We’ll send you the promotion application with your monthly royalty notification email.
  • The promotional price must be at least 25% lower than the list price, and for certain partners that offer both a-la-carte and credit-subscription purchases, this list price would apply to both models.
  • You’re agreeing to participate for the full calendar month (although vendors have the right run it for a shorter time period). You may not promote the same title for two consecutive months.
  • You may set your price as low as free, but a handful of retailers may require a $0.99 minimum price point. In those cases, we would set the promotional price to the retailer’s minimum, and generate royalties at that rate.

Each retailer (not Findaway Voices) chooses which promotions they’ll accept and focus on. If any retailer rejects your promotional pricing for any reason, your standard list price would apply.

How to get started

For now, all you have to do is fill out the form we’ll provide monthly with your royalty reports, which will always include relevant details about deadlines and timing. Generally speaking, you’ll receive the form about 4–6 weeks ahead of the month of the promotion have about a week to return it. As we get started, we won’t be able to support late or partially/incorrectly filled out forms.

This is just the beginning

Look forward to seeing some fantastic new functionality added directly to the Findaway Voices website in the coming months. While promotions alone don’t guarantee sales, it’s just one piece of several that are soon to come with Findaway Voices as we work to help fantastic authors experiment and find what works best for their audience.

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Tanie Andraos
Findaway Voices

Business Operations Manager for Findaway Voices