Day 162– Waning Gibbous- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was hard to decide. There were lots of everyday bird and butterfly sightings. There were wonderful sounds of nature. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but were beautiful accompaniments to a day of hard work. After scrapping and painting the crumbling brick around our house, the setting sun threw marvelous shadows upon the grey walls. Next I finished planting yesterday’s beautiful plants and a plum tree. We were too exhausted to cook, so we dressed up and went out to dinner around 9:30. We were greeted by hundreds of bright shining stars as we walked from our house to out vehicle. The autumn air was crisp and cool. Then as we were driving home an enormous harvest moon appeared ahead of us. The lighting made it look as if it were on fire or a molten material. The section of the gibbous moon in shadow was black against the night sky. The moon seemed to just skim the hilltops. It was truly a spectacular view of this ordinary sighting.

late at night
moonshine though the curtains
keeps me company

harvest moon
kisses my garden
with light