Day 164- Fall Equinox- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty is the start of Autumn, my favorite season. The evening weather, and morning have cooled where it is enjoyable to be outside. The day’s will slowly get longer now until the summer solstice. Beautiful light shadows crept through our trees and dances across the lawn. I look out from the rail of our almost finished porch, I see the potential for my garden in the spring. I mentally arrange plant and fill in missing plants. It’s fun to dream about the future garden, but it is also beautiful to be in the moment. Walnut leaves have change to a chocolate brown and a curled on the lawn. Cricket have started chirping. Ii’s the perfect evening for a stroll.

autumn equinox
 another blue jay feather
 hang from a spider’s web

 a pink rose
 kisses the sky

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