Day 273 -Wind- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty comes in the form of wind. The wind has been blowing all day. This morning it was warm enough to open the window to allow the wind to air out the house. The air felt warm compared to the 34 degree temperature of the day before, yet it still had a bit of a cool nip to catch you off guard. The wind wicked the last brown leaves across the lawn. One of the leaves blew up into a tree and stayed pinned against a branch. The white pine needles swayed and trembled. In the dark evening sky the bare silhouettes of a group of trees bow and bend in the shadows. The lovely haunting sound of today’s wind blocks the sounds of traffic and make one feel alone. I think of autumn and swirl ing colors of leaves, I think about walking the moors, I think of tree outside my bedroom as a child and the shapes conjured in the branches by my imagination. Today’s wind seems like an old friend.

winter afternoon
wind dances through the trees
tugging at my scarf