Day 525 — Moon through My Window- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Lately I have been missing viewing the moon through my window late at night. The summer trees are too thick with foliage last month. I still cannot see the moon through my bedroom window. However, after working in my studio late into the evening I looked up and noticed the sky was black and the moon was almost full. That got me to thinking about the autumn full moon. Often the harvest moon is in September, but the autumnal equinox is closer to the full moon in October this year. The most common name for the September moon is the corn moon. Still I prefer these two names:“Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet” by the Lakota Sioux and “Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth” by the Omaha Indians.

a night without you
even the light of the moon
seems eclipsed

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