Day 534 –Organization- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty is organization. When I opened the door this morning I could smell the wet earth and hear the rein on the tin roof. Perfect day to start fall cleaning. I spent two hours with my Wednesday prayer group and came back home to clean. The sound of the rain kept me company all day. I started with unpacking the art quilts and organizing everything from the festival sales. I reprinted tags and changed out frames for our local shop to sell. After delivering that stuff I worked on folding and putting away the laundry. I also spent a lot of time organizing my photographs on my camera and computer and updating my sales and inventory lists. I did not get everything done, but I felt like I tackled a lot. Tomorrow I will try to organize my studio and finish wiring my 30’s singer machine. It is a good feeling when you get a lot of things accomplished.

rain soaked morning
 a late moonflower
 brawls across the yard.


late into the night
 sound of rain and a cricket 
 keeps me company