Day 643 — Year’s Last Sunrise and Sunset- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty was in the year’s last sunrise and sunset. I got up early this morning and despite the frigid weather went out to greet the dawn. Other than one bird that chirped a couple of times when I first went out, the yard was strangely silent. Just me, the piercing cold and the creeping light of 2017’s last sunrise.

Late this afternoon the setting sun flooded it’s light across the yard and glared through my window. There was a clear blue sky slowly deepening as the yellow glow faded.

The sunset reminded me of how things come to an end and the sunrise as the hope hope of new things to come. So here’s to a beautiful end of another year and a wonderful beginning to the next one filled with happiness and love.

last sunrise of the year
in the silence and cold
I utter a prayer

last dawn of the year
i brave the icy cold to feed
a handful of juncos


last sunset
floods the sky
New Year’s Eve

the year’s last sunset
closes on pass failures
brings hope of new dawn