Day 963 — Giving Tuesday- Haibun Journey Beauty Each Day

Today’s beauty is a shoutout for those who responded to charity organizations on Giving Tuesday thus kicking off the charitable season. This has become a global giving day enhanced by social media and cooperation. Many use this day ti focus on their holiday giving. On MSNBC to night Lawrence O’Donnell announced that the giving for K.I.N..D (Kids In Need of Desks) more than doubled the amount received last year.

Generosity is a much needed thing in this world. Donations are what keep charily organizations afloat. There are many organizations locally, nationally and internationally which would greatly appreciate your offer.

Many people do not know what their money provides or have a personal connection. I can tell you that St. Judes Children’s hospital helped my family when my younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia. St. Judes flew him and my parents to the hospital, and provided someplace for my parents to stay for the entire month of his treatment and all of his medical expenses. My13 year old brother was not one of the lucky statistics. Still they have furthered research in cancer and helped many children live happy and long lives.

Give Back . If you don’t have lots of money, give of your time with organizations like Hospice, help build with Habitat for Humanity, volunteer for a week cleaning up from disasters such as the floods in places like Lumberton NC, Give to fire and tornado victims, read a book at your local public school, Don’t be shy give back to your community.

wild blackberry bushes
my brother’s hands and face
ink stained