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Finding Greatness: A Weekly Newsletter

Hi there! I want to start this off by saying thank you. Thank you for all of your heartwarming contributions and time spent reading the work of our fellow writers.

It’s our goal to inspire greatness in a way that only writers can; by providing a platform for people to share their story, their message, and to make an impact by doing so.

This is my first attempt at a newsletter, so forgive me if it’s sloppy! However, I wanted to start these weekly newsletters by sharing a few of my favorite articles from September and October.

Jort Janssen: My name is Jort. I am a starting entrepreneur. I write about entrepreneurship, my experiences, and crypto. Of course, I write about things I like.

Rasika K: An individual from an international and intercultural background. Tring to express everything the world has imprinted on me.

Lisa Dexter: I am a freelance writer from the Chicago area. I have one awesome child, one sweet husband, one clingy cat, and one website:

John Cunningham: is dedicated to helping you get more out of life through his writing, mentoring, and coaching programs.

Well, that's that! I’m looking forward to reading your submissions over the remainder of this month, and I also have some exciting news coming up in November. So, stay tuned!



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