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Finding Greatness

Finding Yourself Amid Chaos

3 Reasons why Solitude is Necessary to Reach Yourself

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Solitude helps to direct yourself internally

Let’s first understand the difference between being lonely and being in solitude. You’ve heard this often — ‘you can feel lonely when you are in a crowd’. Feeling lonely has a negative intonation — it almost seems like a damaging emotion. You cannot enjoy ‘feeling lonely’ whereas you can be happy ‘in solitude’.

Can solitude bring alive a feeling of being vibrant and joyful?

In the Bhagavad Gita, there is mention of ‘solitude being characteristic of those seeking spiritual knowledge. It is believed that solitude can distance one from the mundane and the world’s fixation with materialism. What is necessary is to be your own ‘best friend’. Then loneliness cannot disturb you.

When we speak of spirituality, it is more about identifying with yourself and being at peace with yourself. And solitude helps you get closer to this. It is not being aloof or detached — quite the contrary; it helps craft the hidden silhouettes of the self. And then, even the deadliest of storms may just seem to swish past the fabric of your being — you will simply ‘be’ and remain in your solitude.

Solitude can increase your mindfulness

Never has mindfulness been more widely discussed than today. Mindfulness has now surfaced as a ‘corporate’ term. It’s a fashionable cap to flaunt. Mindfulness to me is more akin to a sanctuary sentinel in me. Think about it. Does your sentinel allow garbage to pass through your mind? Does he/she alert you when your senses deflect you from your intents? Mindfulness is when you simply ‘pay attention.

Pay attention to the slightest part of:

  • Unmindful reactions
  • Avoidable nonsense (gossip, stress, news, fights, and so on)
  • Known, painful experiences (death, sickness, hurt, and so on)
  • An urge to hold on (relationships, bonding, love of money, materialistic wants, and so on)

And then, once you are powerfully attentive, indulge in solitude. Envelope the ‘religion of solitude’ around you and know (feel) the difference. It can be addicting!

Photo by Turgay Yıldız from Pexels

Solitude draws you towards the ‘greater good’

Haven’t you wondered why saints and mystics seek to wander on mountains and forests? What is it they seek? Have you also sometimes associated their acts with selfishness — ‘running away from the mundane hullabaloo of life? But no, let’s get closer to being mindful and engage with the deeper truth. There are those that seek the ‘greater good’ — social withdrawal requires stimulus. What could the drive be?

The quintessential is just ‘peace’. It is the thirst to make the world a better place — it is the urge to bring harmony — it is the passion to keep them quiet, and all of this is possible only if you have them within you — only a light in your life force will help edify the world. Solitude gives you just that, gift yourself ‘enjoyable solitude’.

Rumi: “It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”



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