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Trading Journal for 1/20

6:24AM: SPX futures are up at 3814. CLBS is gapping up 120% on no news I can see. OBLN is gapping up 106% on news of a merger. From yesterday, ACRS, GRTS, and SENS are all near or above yesterday’s highs.

6:31AM: SPX has opened at 3820. OBLN is selling off.

6:37AM: The movers from yesterday are choppy and aren’t making a lot of upward progress. In other news, NFLX is up quite a bit on earnings and news of increasing profitability.

7:01AM: GRTS, currently up 32.91%, was rising yesterday on news of developing a “second generation vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.” It’s a larger float stock that tends not to hold breakouts, instead tending towards ascending channels with large ranges. It has halted going up quite a few times. But, for me, it’s too risky to trade.




Figuring out how to spend less time making more money

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Vinson Chuong

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