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Trading Journal for 1/8

6:22AM: SPX futures are up at 3810. FTFT is gapping up 57% after running up 242% yesterday; it was up yesterday on news of landing a copyright on blockchain-related technology software copyrights in China. Notably, TSLA is up 7.9%, and BTC is up 4.4% above 41000.

6:37AM: Stocks are volatile at the open. FTFT popped 10% in the first minute before giving up half of its gains; it then continued higher 5 minutes later and is now halted going up.

6:40AM: CNET, a Chinese stock, is up 78%, continuing from yesterday’s +34%. It was up on news of a partnership with Yujun Capital.

6:42AM: FTFT posted a huge drop of 10% off of its highs at resumption. It’s now halted going down.

6:46AM: CNET is also pretty choppy, but it’s making upward progress. So, I’ll keep an eye on it.

6:50AM: FTFT is now below its open price. This is despite then news from yesterday and Bitcoin’s continued rally.

7:09AM: Too many stocks are moving up, seemingly in tandem — not what I like to see.

11:10AM: APDN (+82.57%) started moving about 30 minutes ago on news that it’s test is only one of two that can detect the new virus variant. It’s currently on its 4th halt going up.



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