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Finding Income

Trading Journal for 11/12

6:26AM: SPX futures are at 4658. CYTO is gapping up 58% on news of positive data for its COVID-19 nasal spray. NUZE closed up 163% yesterday on news of selling its coffee at Walmart; it’s gapping up 20% today.

6:33AM: CYTO is moving up but is having trouble at $3.00:

6:34AM: CYTO has broken above $3.00. It seems a bit choppy but is holding up well.

6:37AM: CYTO has faded a bit back under $3.00. It’s volume is declining. It may be done for now.

6:41AM: CYTO posted a sudden surge back above $3.00, all the way to $3.33 before pulling back:



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