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Trading Journal for 12/11

6:19AM: SPX futures are down another 0.85% at 3637. TPGY is gapping up 138.7% on no news. SNOA is gapping up 108.6% also on no news. VTVT is gapping up 97.3% also on no news. FRSX is gapping up 79.6% on news of a light rail order; it currently has the most volume pre-market.

It looks like the SPX has been down over the last few days due to the antitrust lawsuit against FB, stimulus talks stalling, and unsuccessful Brexit talks.

The gappers are currently off of their pre-market highs. I’ll be sitting tight and seeing if any upward progress materializes.

6:36AM: No upward action yet.

6:49AM: FAT is moving up. It broke above VWAP and is currently halted going up for the second time. It’s up 72% on news of a merger. That news was released at 3AM today. It’s approaching its pre-market highs at $13.00.

6:55AM: FAT is pulling back and is back at VWAP.

7:02AM: VVOS started its IPO a couple of minutes ago. It’s currently halted going up. It makes a wearable that treats sleep apnea. If the previous IPOs this week are any indication, it will rally for a few minutes before fading.

7:09AM: VVOS looks like it’s done. The rally lasted less than 3 minutes.

9:20AM: There’s a lot of volatility today, especially as the SPX keeps dropping (now down 0.93%). Pretty much all of the stocks hitting high of day with volume are pulling back immediately.



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