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Trading Journal for 12/21

6:21AM: SPX futures are down 1.5% to 3650. I don’t see an immediate news catalyst. TSLA will be added to the index today; it’s down 3.7% pre-market. EYEG is gapping up 116% on news of an acquisition.

6:31AM: EYEG popped and then sold off:

That sets the sentiment of the day. Stocks that come up later will have to prove that they can hold their gains.

7:07AM: A couple of Chinese stocks, CCRC and WBAI, posted some moves upward, but were very choppy. SPX is at low of day.

7:29AM: SPX is continuing to downtrend. It looks like there’s increasing fear over a new strain of the coronavirus in the UK. That strain was first reported a little while ago though.

11:36AM: SPX is back up above 3700.



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