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Finding Income

Trading Journal for 3/11

6:27AM: SPX futures are up at 3924. NVFY is gapping up 187% on no news. ENTX is gapping up 176% on positive news about its osteoporosis study. LGVN is gapping up 47% on news of an FDA approval for its Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome treatment.

6:33AM: These stocks aren’t looking so hot at the open. There’s a lot of volatility, but not much upward momentum.

6:53AM: PHUN (+82%) has been opening up. There’s news of a business partnership with Vizzia Technologies for an “enhanced digital front door on mobile” product.

It’s currently facing resistance at $3.00.

6:55AM: PHUN failed to break above $3.00 and is now selling off.



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