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Trading Journal for 3/27

  • It is 8:48AM PT
  • SPX is down from yesterday’s close at 2630…now trading at 2540…trading sideways near VWAP…
  • I’m noticing that TLRY is up 19%…BKYI is up 272%
  • Let’s read the news…House republican has vowed to stall the vote on the stimulus package…SPX is at VWAP though…
  • The House is in session…
  • SPX near high of day…
  • House passes the bill…SPX flashes up followed by a big pullback…I’m long at VWAP…
  • I’m noticing that the sideways range is really tight right now compared to the last couple of weeks…
  • SPX may be looking to test high of day…if not, then it’ll probably continue trading sideways for the rest of the day…
  • Nice break over high of day on the SPX…currently up $186.15…that was full share size too…I had noticed that the last break of highs pulled back immediately…
  • Ended the week red…I’m gonna call it and eat some lunch…
  • Lost $3k on a pullback on CLVS…

Figuring out how to spend less time making more money

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Vinson Chuong

Vinson Chuong

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