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Trading Journal for 4/6

6:24AM: SPX futures are at 4060. BTX is gapping up 83% on news of insiders buying shares. SJ is gapping up 55% on news of an alliance with Snipp Interactive to explore Bitcoin and NFTs. Both stocks are near their pre-market highs.

6:31AM: SJ popped and dropped. BTX has been fading since pre-market.

6:59AM: There’s been a lot of volatility but no upward progress in many stocks. ACY looked poised to gain momentum, but it never materialized.

7:34AM: SJ broke through its pre-market highs and is now halted going up:

It’s currently up 80.99%. This has been the first sign of actual momentum today. I’ll be looking for continuation into a second halt. It’s at all time highs.

7:42AM: SJ moved a bit higher at resumption but seems to be topped out and is now pulling back:




Figuring out how to spend less time making more money

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Vinson Chuong

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