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Trading Journal for 5/21

  • It is 7:53AM
  • SPX is flat at 2960…
  • On the watch list is XTNT (+196%) and SURF (+65%)…both are off of their highs…will set alerts…
  • News…China warns of retaliation over sanctions from US…
  • Not much action right now…time for breakfast…
  • SPX is down to 2940…
  • I’m seeing another mover, SNCA (+140%)…I’m not seeing any news on any of the movers…
  • News…anything about a vaccine or about MRNA would cause the market to move…declining jobless claims since last week…Trump is pulling out of Open Skies treaty today…
  • Apparently, there’s a news article that says “Scientists believe cannabis could help prevent and treat coronavirus”…TLRY is moving…let’s watch and see how much momentum it has…next daily resistance at $9.70…+$30.63…it’s just not moving very much…
  • It’s close to end of day…SPX is hovering at 2950…I’m wondering whether it’s going to fall back into the 2800–2950 range or move back up towards 2975 and 3000…in any case, my hypothesis remains that the SPX will turn downwards from here…
  • No solid action today…up overall $41.11 on the day…




Figuring out how to spend less time making more money

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Vinson Chuong

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