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Trading Journal for 5/7

  • It is 7:58AM
  • SPX is sideways at 2880
  • Top movers are TTPH (+95%) and IO (+88%), both are off of highs…VUZI (+44%) is moving, but is in an ascending channel:
  • I’ll watch the price action on VUZI for a bit and see if it’s tradable…VUZI is actually up on news of a “Zoom for Healthcare”…+$40.50…it’s getting a bit choppy…I’m gonna let this stock chill for a bit and make some breakfast…
  • I’m seeing a couple of unexpected companies up 30%…FSLY (+38%) and TWLO (+36%)…both on positive earnings…
  • SPX is testing 2900…
  • News…Oil is up, still doesn’t make it tradable though as oil stocks behave like high floats…digital payment companies posted positive earnings…I’m also seeing a lot of analysts raising price targets…
  • No action so far…
  • SPX is at low of day…I’m going to start trading bottom bounces…+$19.02
  • I guess I’m pretty late in picking up this news, but meatpacking plants are under fire for high virus cases amongst workers…also, because restaurants are closed, there’s differing demand for different meat products…as a result, there might be a supply crunch…
  • Quiet day today…overall up +$59.52



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