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Finding Income

Trading Journal for 6/23

6:25AM: Pre-market. SPX futures up at 3138. No significant pre-market gappers today. Overall, conditions look similar to yesterday and different from the last couple of weeks. There is BRN, which is a small cap (6m float) oil stock up 153%, but I don’t trade oil stocks…

6:30AM: Nonetheless, I’ll be watching BRN. I’m looking for it to hold above $2.00. UONE continues to see increased volatility despite not having any news to begin with. I should do more research on this company to see what’s going on…

6:42AM: I caught a $0.25 move on UONE with just 1 share. I’m just dipping my toes in since conditions are a bit strange right now. Trading 1 share at a time will at least let me experiment when I would otherwise not take any trades.

6:45AM: FFHL (+58%) is currently halted going up. It’s a Chinese company that recently announced positive earnings. It’s seeing a lot of volatility. So far, I’ve caught $0.12 per share. Look like it’s halted going up again.

7:00AM: Caught another $0.10 move on FFHL. It broke above $10.00 but is now holding near $9.75, which seems weak.

7:20AM: Back from making breakfast. Currently listening to general news.

7:35AM: XRF (+93%) is currently halted going up. I don’t see news. It’s currently extended on the 5 minute chart. There’s daily resistance at $6.00. Huge pullback out of halt towards VWAP.

1:00PM: No further trading after that. The action died down. No real trades for me, just up a couple of dollars.



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