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Trading Journal for 7/23

6:24AM: SPX futures are at 3268. MIST is gapping up 120% on positive drug studies. ENTX is gapping up 42% on news of positive market survey results but is currently trending down.

6:32AM: Got $0.21/share on a move right out of the open on MIST. It’s currently pulling back.

6:40AM: MIST is starting to curl up off of EMA20 on the 1 minute chart.

6:45AM: Nope, it’s consolidating now. It’s not looking great on the 5 minute chart either.

6:48AM: MIST is moving — just set a fresh intraday high. It’s now pulling back a bit; it’s looking like a double top.

7:02AM: Stocks are cooling off; I’ll sit tight in the mean time.

11:44AM: MIST suddenly broke through VWAP and moved all the way to $10.00 before volume petered out. If it can get and stay above $9.30, we may see a continuation.



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