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Trading Journal for 7/30

6:26AM: SPX futures are down at 3217. EDSA is gapping up 217% on news of application for a phase 2/3 Coronavirus study.

6:30AM: EDSA has risen into a halt. I’m seeing a bunch of action on my volume scanner; nothing seems to breaking pre-market highs though.

6:39AM: EDSA moved higher before printing a pretty big pullback. I see an ascending trendline.

6:46AM: EDSA crashed through its VWAP. I was hoping for a bounce for a move higher.

8:14AM: PRPO has been halted for about an hour after news of launching a Coronavirus antibody test. It was previously halted going up at $1.58.

8:22AM: Currently watching TAOP, which is up 545%.



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