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Trading Journal for 7/9

6:26AM: SPX futures are flat at 3167. AIHS is gapping up 87% on news of Q4 earnings; it did the same thing yesterday on no news before losing half of its gains.

6:30AM: AIHS dipping out of the open, still watching. It might reverse and head towards its pre-market highs. I could buy the dip, but I haven’t seen evidence that it can move upwards; so, it’s hard to know how long the drop will last.

6:34AM: AIHS continues to drop. The other top movers are well off of their pre-market highs. There’s no action at the moment.

6:41AM: CTEK (+52%) is moving up on news that is secured “$950,000 in renewals.” A pop and then a drop. It looks like it got rejected off of SMA200.

6:56AM: VUZI (+20%) is up on news of a deal with Verizon. Let’s see if it has any more momentum. Nope.

7:07AM: ALT (+25%) is moving up. It has news of a deal with a vaccine company. It’s extended right now. Volume looks good though.

7:14AM: ALT is pulling back. Wonder if it will set up for a continuation.

8:00AM: SPX has dropped 40 points. I wonder what’s going on.



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