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Finding Income

Trading Journal for 9/15

6:27AM: SPX futures are down at 4442. INDP is gapping up 67% on news of a patent “Methods of Treatment of Infections Using Bacteria”.

6:32AM: INDP is choppy at the open:

6:33AM: INDP is now halted going up:

6:42AM: After resumption, INDP proceeded a little higher before pulling back:

6:45AM: INDP continued higher but is now running into resistance at SMA200:

6:56AM: INDP has broken through SMA200 and is continuing higher:

7:00AM: INDP is now halted going up:

7:06AM: Pullback after resumption on INDP:

7:11AM: INDP is continuing higher and is now halted going up:

7:18AM: INDP pulled back at resumption but then continued higher:

7:21AM: INDP topped out and posted a big pullback.

7:28AM: INDP looks like it’s starting to curl back up:

7:31AM: Big pullback after a double top at the previous high.



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