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Trading Journal for 9/23

6:22AM: SPX futures are flat at 3308. SPI is gapping up 259% after launching an electric vehicle subsidiary. It’s looking good consolidating near $4.00.

6:35AM: SPI is a bit choppy out of the open.

Meanwhile, SPX is up a bit at 3320.

6:42AM: SPI is now rolling over. It doesn’t look like it will continue moving higher any time soon.

7:26AM: SPI posted a huge move while I was making breakfast. It’s now consolidating under $5.00.

8:30AM: SPI ended up moving to a high of +783% before posing a huge pullback. I’ve been watching from the sidelines the entire time. It was range-bound until about 8:03AM. After the top at 8:17AM followed by a big pullback, it was top heavy from then on. I definitely should tried harder to find an entry.

12:20PM: Stocks of some solar companies started moving in the late morning. I was able to get +$0.25/share on SUNW:

SPI ended up moving quite a bit higher. From yesterday’s close at $1.05, it peaked at $37.50 for a 3500% move. I guess its momentum dragged other related stocks up with it.

Meanwhile, SPX is dropping, currently down more than 2% on the day. It’s continuing a downtrend.



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