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Trading Journal for 9/29

6:27AM: SPX futures are at 3342. APM is gapping up 560% on news of launching a subsidiary. USEG, an energy company, is gapping up 270% on news of acquiring facilities in New Mexico. HUSA, an energy company, is gapping up 180% on no news I can see. Things are looking good today.

6:30AM: APM just posted a 33% candle and is now halted going up. It has 6m shares of volume so far.

6:33AM: USEG and HUSA are currently halted going up. All of these stocks are still below their pre-market highs.

6:39AM: There’s a lot of noise hitting my volume scanner. SPX is flat. So, APM resumed, went higher, and then immediately gave up its gains. It’s currently consolidating above the previous halt level.

6:44AM: All of the stocks are positing big red candles. It looks like the SPY is also posting a red candle.

7:11AM: HUSA (+430%) has been moving higher. I still don’t see any news on it; so, I’m a bit skeptical.

I’m waiting for it to do a pullback, but it may be a while before that happens. It just halted going up at $6.12, up 460%.



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