How the internet unleashed a burst of cartooning creativity
The Economist

So thankful for XKCD, Oatmeal and more of this ilk. Our lives are so much the richer because of what these creative minds drew and wrote.

Also fascinating, how the macro trend, of the disappearance of gatekeepers combined with ease of creating has spawned so many of these new “jobs”-

  1. The digital creative aka XKCD etc
  2. The youtube pop-star
  3. The Airbnb hotelier — Rents her house and manages 5 other properties
  4. The uber entrepreneur — Drives a car himself and uses that to finance 5 other cars to increase income.
  5. The kickstarter product genius

Waiting for a lot more of these to come as more gatekeepers disappear and creating becomes even more easy.

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