On Giving

As I said my goodbyes to my friend he pulled out his wallet and offered me a Whole Foods gift card. His gesture warmed my heart. Later that day at a light, a man approached my car asking for money.

I hesitated opening the window until I made eye contact with him. On my lap, I held an Orbitz gum packet that I was about to open. Instead I opened the window and gave it away.

Giving to friends and family comes much easier than giving to a stranger on the street. I discovered it takes courage to acknowledge and have compassion for strangers. It’s much easier to go through the world thinking, “he’s not my problem.”

As I go further in life, I intend to broaden my circle of compassion. Compassion is not feeling sorry for others but as a friend describe it, “it’s the ability to hold opposites, observe it and hold it with kindness.”

I’m not seeking to be a hero. I aspire to be a compassionate human being.

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