Should You Quit Medium For Newsbreak?

Tom Kuegler
Nov 26, 2020 · 3 min read
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Newsbreak, Newsbreak, and even more Newsbreak.

That website is all the rage right now.

I recently filled out an application to write there and have since become accepted into their “Creator Program.”

I can’t share any of the details of our contract, but just know one thing..

It’s not that bad of a deal at all.

Newsbreak’s Creator Program brings up a number of interesting questions, such as:

  1. Is it better than Medium?
  2. What’s the reach like on that platform?
  3. Can anyone become a writer there?
  4. Are they legit?

I’ll answer all of these questions in this blog post.

Is It Better Than Medium?

For me, it’s not. In fact, it’s not even close. I think Medium is far and away a better platform to get paid as a writer than Newsbreak.

With that being said, I’m sort of enjoying that Medium has competition now.

There’s a reason writers are flocking to Newsbreak like some sort of mass-migration. Why, you ask? Because the deal details are freaking sweet, that’s why.

I think people are sick of Medium’s changing landscape and they’re ready to try something else for a change. Maybe Newsbreak’s algorithm favors creators in a more straight-forward way. Maybe you can actually get discovered there. Maybe you can get views beyond your wildest dreams?

I absolutely love that this is happening.

It’s about time that Medium had a little competition, and it might force them to look inwards and make some changes if they want to keep a lot of their best creators happy.

The truth is, Medium’s offer is still a lot better than Newsbreak’s, but what we want to know is what’s the reach like? Is the organic reach something to marvel at?

If it is, then we got ourselves a bonafide option here. Fortunately, we have some data.

What Is The Reach Like On Newsbreak?

Matt Lillywhite tweeted this recently:

Since he started half a month ago, he’s received about 229,000 views.

Yep, that’s enough data for me.

Can Anyone Become A Writer There?

No, you have to apply to become a writer there. That’s unlike Medium where they’ll literally accept anyone and everyone.

This creates a barrier to entry, but if you’ve published 5–10 blog posts on Medium and link your profile in their application, I think there’s a decent shot at you becoming a writer for them.

Are They Legit?

Yes. Very.

Here’s their domain overview in Semrush:

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They get over 10,000,000 views every month from search and have a very high domain authority. They got it where it counts.

Also, their board chairman is Harry Shum, the former President of Microsoft’s AI and Research Group. Jeff Zheng is the Chief Executive, who headed up Yahoo labs in Beijing.

They pass the eye test with flying colors, and even though you may have never heard of Newsbreak, they average upwards of 23,000,000 monthly users.

Should You Quit Medium For Newsbreak?

No. Hell no. But you should definitely apply and give Newsbreak a shot.

Medium is still better than Newsbreak in every category: reach, return on investment, earnings potential, accessibility, creative control, and pretty much everything else.

But it’s nice to see Medium have competition. I haven’t seen anything like this before — where the whole Medium community seems to be talking about this new “opportunity” that actually has legs!

Substack is the closest thing I can think of that actually caused a stir on Medium, however that was a newsletter solution and not really a new “platform.”

Now there’s a new platform, and everybody seems to be going ga-ga for it.

My reaction? Good.

Competition is always good for the consumer — and in this case, it should be good for the creator as well.

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Tom Kuegler

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Finding Tom

Writing tips. Marketing tips. Business tips. From a 3-year Medium veteran.

Tom Kuegler

Written by

Vlogger. Travel blogger. 27 years old. Currently in the Philippines. Get my free 5-day Medium course via email →

Finding Tom

Writing tips. Marketing tips. Business tips. From a 3-year Medium veteran.

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