Smarter technology for a smarter future.

Dropbox… Google Drive… Gmail… Evernote… the list goes on. We have so much information stored in our online accounts.

What can we do with all of our disparate data in our personal cloud?

We can learn from it.

Making smart technology involves recreating the human brain

Advances in technology have allowed us to extrapolate insights from our data. We do this through machine learning, or more specifically, deep learning.

In a nutshell, deep learning is a computational process that mimics the way our brains form when we are children. As children, we start to distinguish dogs from other animals through experience. After seeing dogs in a variety of colors and sizes, we recognize patterns and common characteristics. We hear people refer to these animals as dogs. Essentially, we begin to understand what makes a dog a dog and not a cat. We learn.

We do this for pretty much everything. It’s how we know how to say sentences that we haven’t necessarily heard before — we detect the grammar patterns in our parents’ speech, we attach definitions to words. Eventually, we adopt the ability to put these words together to create our own sentences. The more we do it, the better we get.

Technology can now do the same. Deep learning allows programs to become smart and learn from experience. In the case of technology, experience equals data. The more data we have, the more our programs can learn. As our programs become smarter and better trained they can make educated assumptions and draw important insights.

So what does this mean for the information in your personal cloud? Findo can apply this type of deep learning to the data in your cloud. Findo trains itself and learns from your information.

This allows Findo to handle your email just like an assistant would — by understanding the contents of your mail.

Predictive Insights is Findo’s robust feature that through deep learning, and acts proactively towards your inbox. It starts by filtering important and unimportant email. It then notifies you about the emails that require some type of action (confirming calls or meeting invites, sending out invoices, filling out applications, etc.). Findo knows which tasks are time sensitive and just like a personal assistant notifies you for completion.

Predictive Insights is Findo’s robust feature that through deep learning, knows how to react to your inbox

Findo is fast and reliable. Try it out today.