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After over three months of adversarial and stability testing on Findora Anvil Testnet, staking and delegation is now live on Findora Mainnet Beta through the release of Findora v0.2.0.

Staking on Findora

The Findora v0.2.0 release on Findora Mainnet Beta includes support for staking, delegation, and a major refactoring of existing code. Findora v0.2.0 has undergone extensive testing on Anvil testnet through the Findora Frontier staking incentive program where 75 validators from all over the world were invited to…

Stage 2 Frontier Campaign is here, launching on 18 Oct 2021 at 3:00 PM PST (campaign may be subject to timeline extensions).

After extensive testing, the initial phase of the Frontier Campaign has been successfully completed with 99.9% uptime over a period of 32 days on Anvil testnet. 75 node operators from 30+ countries, including Wetez, Forbole, Genesis Labs and Infinity Stones, helped achieve this milestone together. …


Programmable, self-sovereign privacy.

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