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#0 Findora Academy💟: Setting up MetaMask🦊 for FRC-20 FRA Tokens

This guide shows you how to transfer native FRA tokens from the privacy-preserving Findora Native Chain (UTXO model) to the programmable Findora Smart Chain (Account model), where you can interact with all the d-apps in the Findora ecosystem.

With the launch of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the Findora Mainnet Beta, Developers can now deploy smart contracts and build DAPPs on the Findora Smart Chain (Account model). Full-EVM compatibility marks a major milestone towards introducing programmability and interoperability to the Findora ecosystem; it also means users can access applications built on the Findora Smart Chain permissionlessly and frictionlessly with FRC-20 FRA tokens.

To acquire FRC-20 FRA, a user needs to:
1/ set up and fund Findora Desktop Wallet with native FRA tokens (UTXO)
2/ set up Metamask and connect to the Findora EVM
3/ fund Metamask wallet with FRC-20 FRA tokens using “internal transfers” (now renamed to Prism)

Setting Up and Funding Your Findora Wallet with native FRA tokens.

(If you are familiar with the process please go to Setting up Metamask )

  1. Download the latest version of Findora Desktop Wallet from Please go to settings can check the Version of your Findora Desktop Wallet. If your version is lower than 0.3.0, please click “Check for Updates” or go to to directly download the latest version of Findora Wallet.

2. You can acquire FRA tokens from centralized exchanges. You may choose to conduct a confidential transfer for a “decontaminate” process since your FRA address can be traced to a “KYCed” CEX account.

For Confidential Transfer, please open the “Send” page and fill in the destination wallet address and amount. Don’t forget to select “Hide Amounts” and “Hide Asset Type” in the section below.

Note: Crypto exchanges do not support confidential transfers. You will lose all tokens you send to exchange as a confidential transfer!

3. After successfully sending the token, you can check the transaction on Findora Explorer. As shown below, the amount and asset type of the transaction are confidential.

Setting Up Your MetaMask Wallet🦊.

  1. Download MetaMask here. Install MetaMask as an extension to your browser. Note that the following browsers are supported: Chrome, FireFox, Brave, and Edge.
  2. Create a Wallet or Import an Existing Wallet. If you don’t have an existing Ethereum wallet, please select “Create a Wallet”. Always keep your Mnemonic and password to yourself and make sure to write it down. Note: This is the wallet that will be used to conduct transactions on the Findora EVM.
  3. Connect Metamask to the Findora EVM. Click the drop-down menu and select “Custom RPC.”

Chain ID: 2152
Gas Token: FRA
Block Explorer:

Funding Your MetaMask Wallet🦊.

  1. To convert native UTXO FRA tokens to FRA EVM network, use the “Internal Transfer” function embedded in the Findora Desktop Wallet. Set “Native Wallet -> EVM-Compatible” as transfer direction.

2. Enter your Metamask address starting with 0x… and the amount of FRA tokens you wish to transfer. Click “Next” and “Submit” to proceed with the transaction. (note: you may need to clear cache in “settings” before you can conduct internal transfer).

Now you can use your FRC-20 FRA token in Metamask Wallet! Also don’t forget to explore upcoming DeFi and Gamefi applications launched on Findora Network!

Convert your native FRA to FRC-20 FRA to interact with dapps built on Findora ;)




Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy. Findora utilizes the latest breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation, to allow users transactional privacy with selective auditability. For more information, please visit

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