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Findora Ramps up Partnerships Ahead of Mainnet Launch, Announces Agreement with YouWorld

Collaboration expected to focus on zero-knowledge proofs to further enhance YouWorld’s platform security and advanced fraud prevention

PALO ALTO, Calif., February 17, 2021 — The Findora Foundation (“Findora”), a leading DeFi project that leverages blockchain technology to create an open, fair and transparent financial infrastructure, today announced a new partnership with YouWorld, a burgeoning fintech solution that enables native payment and currency exchanges via gift cards.

As Findora continues to expand its partnership base and finalize its Mainnet ahead of Q1 launch, YouWorld will leverage Findora’s zero-knowledge financial blockchain to bring privacy-preserving transparency to its global network of e-commerce clients and end-users.

“As a business that connects to both global users of mobile wallets and retailers who need assurance on secure transactions, entering a partnership with a leading blockchain solution will alter the trajectory of our product in a meaningful way. It will enhance our platform’s security, shorten transaction times, and meet compliance and audit requirements while maintaining our scalability,” said Bo Wang, Founder and CEO at YouWorld. “We’re excited about the value Findora will add to the experience of our clients and shoppers.”

YouWorld enables merchants to provide payment options to customers through mobile devices via mobile wallets and prepaid gift cards. One of the key benefits of YouWorld for the end-user is that they can pay for items from international stores using their native currency, which is then automatically converted into the merchant’s currency before receipt. Merchants can also use YouWorld to create and offer cash back incentive programs to reach their audience.

“We’re thrilled to partner with You World, a fintech solution that enables native payment and currency through gift cards,” said Matt Arney, Head of Growth at Findora. “We see our scalable blockchain platform as the ideal solution to help their business grow and thrive.”

Payments is an industry close to finance, and Findora and YouWorld believe that this partnership perfectly reflects the values and attributes shared between the two entities. Their alignment is centered on the creation and adoption of revolutionary finance solutions that take advantage of advanced, high-performance technology targeting a global audience.

The integration of Findora’s zero-knowledge proofs, verifiable delay functions and selective disclosure with transparency is expected to help to further enhance YouWorld’s built-in advanced fraud prevention, AML and KYC.

About YouWorld

YouWorld is the leading fintech company bridging innovation and compliant financial ecosystems between the United States and China. Our products reflect modern user preferences and create better user experiences across multi-lingual, multicultural, and multi-payment platforms. YouWorld’s debut fintech solution, available in partnership with Alipay and Wechat Pay, drives incremental sales to global brands and retailers via its ability to convert mobile wallet payments into e-gift cards, creating a seamless integration and customer journey. Founded in 2016 by Forbes 30 under 30 and University of Southern California Professor Bo Wang, YouWorld is based in Los Angeles with offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taipei and Sydney. For more information, please visit

About Findora

Founded in 2017, Findora is an open, private financial network that is owned and democratically secured by a decentralized network of worldwide organizations and economically incentivized parties. Using Findora, developers can create digital assets, applications and smart contracts which can transparently preserve confidential information using advanced cryptography. Findora is a market leader in zero-knowledge proof and multi-party computation technologies with strong distributed system engineering capability. For more information, please visit

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*Article originally appreared on Findora Ramps up Partnerships Ahead of Mainnet Launch, Announces Agreement with YouWorld — Findora



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