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Rialto Bridge Workshop Recap | Extending Multi-chain, Scalable Privacy with Findora

In W20, we sat down with Dylan from Bridge Builder DAO and Charlie (👑Chancellor of Code) for a developer workshop on the Findora Rialto Bridge. Check out our summary to learn more about the bridge and how to use it to export Findora’s privacy solutions to your ecosystem.

Build Bridges, Not Walls

The Bridge to DeFi Privacy

How It Works

Architecture and definitions

  • Client — Where the Deposit and Approver requests come from Source Chain — The beginning of a transaction
  • Relayers — the message system for passing information from the south to the destination
  • Destination Chain — the end chain of the transaction
  • Fast Finality and User-Friendly
    Transactions on the Rialto Bridge can settle within a few minutes — much faster than other bridges.
  • Gas Fees Reimbursed (for now)
    The Findora Foundation is reimbursing gas fees incurred when crossing on the mainnet. Currently, only the path between BNB Chain and Rialto is live, but the reimbursement program will extend to Ethereum as well, which tends to have much more expensive gas. To learn more about it, join the Discord server.
  • Widely Interoperable
    The Rialto bridge will link Findora with any EVM chain including Polygon, Avalanche and of course Ethereum. It will be the foundation for broader interoperatbility with chains like Solana, Polkadot, and Tron.
  • Tested and Secure
    The code for Rialto has not only been audited but also undergoes strenuous testing from our community before being deployed on the mainnet.

Deploying Rialto Bridge to Your Ecosystem

git clone -b v1.0.3 --depth 1 cd cb-sol-cli&& npm install&& make install
export SRC_GATEWAY= DST_GATEWAY= SRC_ADDR=”0x91F8ce92655a009024D9199d258f78D6d9Bc82ef”export SRC_PK=”d0eeba6ed367dd64dc66562a97f1b7d01e62ad15419d8c0f780bb2c581cc4f7f”export DST_ADDR=”0x91F8ce92655a009024D9199d258f78D6d9Bc82ef”export DST_PK=”553d92ba6909f965b1a8acb8b24b8ea2215321162f4dedf0e33619e4ca4cb1bc”export SRC_BRIDGE=””export SRC_HANDLER=””export SRC_TOKEN=”0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001000"export DST_BRIDGE=””export DST_HANDLER=””export DST_TOKEN=””export ROB_ADDR=”0xc21675E1DbDEDc092b43453C72b8BC6A13e53a0f”export ROB_PK=”7af87fb0d0872ed619fdd6a18d264c367fddce8fd975fbb340c5ee5c5fd1556e”
cb-sol-cli — url $SRC_GATEWAY — privateKey $SRC_PK — gasPrice 10000000000 deploy \ — bridge — erc20Handler \ — relayers $SRC_ADDR \ — relayerThreshold 1 \ — chainId 0
cb-sol-cli — url $DST_GATEWAY — privateKey $DST_PK — gasPrice 10000000000 deploy \ — erc20Name Findora \ — erc20Symbol FRA \ — bridge — erc20 — erc20Handler \ — relayers $DST_ADDR \ — relayerThreshold 1 \ — expiry 500 \ — chainId 1



Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy. Findora utilizes the latest breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation, to allow users transactional privacy with selective auditability. For more information, please visit

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