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Findora’s July Newsletter

Check out Findora’s major news, progress, and announcements over the last month — including engineering updates and new partnerships.

Community Growth 🪴

Findora Partners with Omni X

Findora has partnered with the new omni-chain NFT protocol, Omni X, to create the first private and interoperable network for NFTs. As NFTs take on more and more use cases, a robust, next-generation infrastructure becomes more and more important.

In Case You Missed It: Findora Teams Up with ZPrize

ZPrize is a zero-knowledge research group that awards prizes over multiple categories to people or projects. With sponsors like Findora, ZPrize has a prize pool of over $7M. Winning entries are open-sourced for the benefit of all.

Say “Bonjour” Findora France

In the wake of EthCC5 in Paris, Findora France has launched. There is also a new validator community that sprang up after the conference to help new members set up and run Findora nodes.

Staking and Validators ⚡️

Welcome, New Validators!

The new validators Findora has attracted are building the network and drawing liquidity to the ecosystem.

Validator Node Tutorials

Big thanks to EasyNode for helping create a walk-through on how to set up a validator node on Findora. @timPos4 has also written this handy guide on How to transfer Findora from Exchanges to Findora Wallets.

Findora Telegram Validator Community

Our Findora Validator Community channel is popping on Telegram! Get the help you need to set up and run a node. You can read about other validators in the Findora Validator Spotlight series this month featuring RockX and Tr4ck3r.

Events at EthCC5 🇫🇷 Wins Findora’s EthCC Hackathon was the winner of our ZK Circuit Hackathon at EthCC! We choose them for creating the beginnings of a private NFT marketplace where NFTs can be bought and sold without revealing who is bidding or what the amount of the bid is until the auction is over.

Other Hackathon Submissions

Despite this being a community conference rather than developer-focused, we received many some great hackathon submissions. There was a fork of Gnosis Chain which allows for private DAO payroll and Forlend, which provides private borrowing and lending with Findora. Watch the demo videos of our favorite submissions or learn more about them here.

The Developer Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just a house, we gave our hackers a hunt. They were challenged to solve riddles that would reveal the location of the ZK-Moles hidden around Paris. Congrats to @thomas_hillen and Stanley for their wins!

Our Big Takeaways from EthCC

#EthCC5 showed the way forward in a bear market. Read our biggest takeaways from the conference and advice for how to build in a bear market.

Engineering Updates 🛠

Simplifying Wallet Addresses

Findora engineers are implementing a major architectural change. Though just on the testnet for now, Findora will support a single 0x… type address across the Findora EVM wallet and UTXO wallet. The Zei Library has been updated accordingly. This will make masking more efficient.

Prism Transfer is Being Updated to Prism++

Prism is the bridge that links Findora’s EVM ledger to the UTXO ledger. Prism++ is the latest update that will support NFT transfers. Transfering a Findora EVM NFT→ Findora UTXO NFT will extend confidentiality to NFT.

Rialto Bridge Progress

The Rialto Bridge will connect Findora to many different EVM chains. The Ethereum mainnet path of the bridge is ready to launch, and they are adding NFT support to the BNB Chain section on testnet.

Precompiled Smart Contracts

In an effort to extend Findora’s EVM privacy abilities, the Findora team is adding to its stack of precompiled smart contracts. These allow confidential transactions to be more efficient.

TPS Optimization for the EVM Layer

Read our first report on optimizing the EVM Findora smart chain. Researchers were able to 4x the TPS with future advancements on the horizon. The chain’s bandwidth is already more than Findora will need in the near future, with further improvements imminent.

Findora In the Media 🗞

Coin Telegraph: Discreet Labs CEO, Warren Paul Anderson, giving tips for entrepreneurs considering crypto for alternative funding.

Digital Journal: Findora and Omni X partnership to build new NFT infrastructure announced.

Yahoo!: What an interoperable and private network for NFTs could do for GameFi. Peter Abilla, an expert on community growth and marketing, joins Discreet Labs to attract developer talent to Findora.

We’re Hiring!

Findora is always looking for top-notch talent, whether developers, engineers, community managers, or marketers. Please, if you’re interested in Findora or think you’d be a good fit, see what’s available, or reach out via Twitter DM to start a discussion!



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