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Findora’s June Newsletter

The Findora Newsletter gives you monthly updates in the push to build privacy infrastructure for Web3. Thanks for subscribing and being part of our community!

🛠 Engineering Updates

🎉Triple Masking to Launch on Testnet

We are excited to announce a successful network upgrade to Findora: support for Triple Masking on Forge testnet is live and ready for extensive testing by the community! Triple Masking enables shielded asset creation, issuance, and ultra-fast transfers powered by Turbo-Plonks, a type of ZK-SNARK.

With this network upgrade, Findora’s network can support use cases not previously possible including confidential cross-chain transfers, private decentralized lending, private DAO fundraising, and more.

Capitalizing on cryptographic breakthroughs and zero-knowledge proofs, the launch of Triple Masking completes Findora X, a series of integral toolkits including Restful APIs, SDKs, and infrastructure to make Ethereum-based assets and applications fully private.

…And A Triple Masking SDK is Soon to Follow

The Findora SDK contains a Triple Masking API, which enables developers to have access to the latest Findora privacy features, such as fully secured transfers with full privacy. SDK integration testing was completed locally.

Rialto Bridge to Support Fantom, Polygon, and…NFTs!

That’s right, according to the developers working on the Rialto Bridge, it is being configured to support NFTs. They will be supported on Findora OG (the UTXO ledger) where they can assume similar privacy properties to those Findora gives to ERC-20 tokens. Click here for documentation on deploying NFTs on Findora.

The Rialto Bridge connects Findora to Ethereum and its satellite ecosystems, and the team has already launched a BNB Chain bridge on mainnet and an Ethereum bridge on testnet. Paths to the Fantom and Polygon are now in the pre-production phase.

EIP-1559 Transaction Support

As well as preparing the UTXO layer for the ERC-721 tokens, the Findora engineering team is working on supporting EIP-1559 transactions. EIP stands for “Ethereum Improvement Proposal,” and EIP-1559 is a hardfork of the Ethereum chain introduced by Vitalek Buterin to stabilize the volatility of gas fees.

🧑‍🌾 Ecosystem

EthCC Launch Party 🥳

We are celebrating the launch of Triple Masking with a launch party at EthCC! We plan to host a huge hackathon taking into account hacker feedback from EthNYC and Consensus in Austin. Be sure to follow our Twitter for updates.

EthCC is the largest European Ethereum gathering, happening this year in Paris from July 19–21. This year will feature speakers from all over the world and cryptoverse, and we’re looking forward to what we can build in just a few short days.

Developer Workshops

Findora is dedicated to giving developers the tools they need to build on Findora and holds regular developer workshops. Feel free to reach out with any questions or requests on our Discord.

Prism Transfer Workshop

This month, our chancellor of code, Charlie, and Findora Developer Evangelist, Dylan, did a deep dive on how Prism Transfer links the UTXO ledger with the EVM ledger. To gain a rich understanding of Findora’s unique dual-layer architecture, watch their workshop here or read the cliff notes.

Everything Validators Need to Know

Findora is one of the most decentralized chains with a Gini Coefficient of .5480, but the network depends on validators. We did a workshop on validating with Findora to give members of our community a complete guide on setting up a node. To learn how to get started, check out our validator workshop or read the recap.

Validator Spotlight: Delight

One of the validators we highlighted this month is Delight Labs. Delight is a leader in blockchain technology, and runs nodes for protocols like NuCypher, Orbs Network, and Skale Network. Read their replies to questions from the Findora community.

Validator Spotlight: Terminet

Terminet is another validator on the Findora Network. They are a professional staking and Web3 infrastructure provider with a focus on making token delegation easy. Read their interview with the Findora community here.

🙌 Discreet Labs and the Findora Foundation are Hiring!

The Findora Foundation and its ecosystem of developers, Discreet Labs included, are now hiring for many positions across Engineering, Community building, Marketing, and Business Development. If you are a Rust engineer, let’s talk! We are always on the lookout for talent.

📺 Media and Events

Findora had a busy month! Team members attended Consensus 2022 in Austin and NFTNYC in, you guessed it, New York. It was a rich time full of great meetings and new partnerships. Here’s a look at the events, talks, and takeaways.

Consensus 2022

Findora was a core sponsor of Consensus 2022, the largest crypto event of the year. It was the first time the festival-style event could gather in person since 2019, and felt quite special.

ZK-BBQ: Findora hosted an exclusive ZK event. We got to meet teams interested in integrating Findora’s selective confidentiality and building the future of privacy in Web3.

Minting Supercars in the Metaverse Panel: Warren Paul Anderson, CEO of Discreet Labs, moderated a panel with Tom Watson, Vice President of Licensing, Partnerships, and Metaverse at McLaren Automotive Ltd, and Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of Suku, an NFT metaverse company. Suku will be working with McLaren to mint NFTs of luxury supercars on InfiniteWorld, part of their ecosystem.

Read more about Findora’s time at Consensus 2022 here.

Website Updates: In honor of Consensus 2022, Findora launched a new and improved website that clarifies Findora’s vision and project direction. Updates include a new section highlighting the Findora Ecosystem, an updated wiki, and reorganized documentation.

NFT NYC 2022

The ZK Bistro:

Findora held another ZK event at NFTNYC, and people are now starting to look for our ZK events at crypto conferences! This was an extremely fun event where we were able to meet many teams interested in our Grant Program.

Warren Speaks About Privacy:

Warren gave a talk about the importance of privacy. He noted there’s a big difference between secrecy and privacy: secrecy hides all information but privacy reveals information — but only to those who need it. He said that Satoshi Nakamoto likely wanted Bitcoin to be private but didn’t have access to technology to facilitate that functionality.

Findora, through zero-knowledge proofs, now can.

Findora’s Main Takeaways: There were a lot of great parties, events, and talks at NFT NYC. To get Findora’s main takeaways from the events, check out our recap article.

Promotions for Warren Paul Anderson and Weikeng Chen

Warren Paul Anderson was officially promoted to CEO of Discreet Labs this month, and Weikeng Chen was promoted to Chief Scientist. Both have already made significant contributions to developing Findora and its ecosystem, and we’re excited to see where their vision will take the project next. Read about their extensive backgrounds in the crypto space here.

About Findora

Findora scales Ethereum privacy with next-generation zero-knowledge proof technology. It is a leading privacy-preserving smart contract platform for Web3, giving developers the tools they need to build a new financial internet. Founded in 2017 and born out of cryptography research, Findora finally launched publicly in 2021 and is poised to use privacy to make DeFi a safe place for individuals and financial institutions.

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