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The Findora Medium Content Guide

Documentation can be difficult to sort through, so we created a primer to help you quickly grasp the basics of Findora.

  1. Community & User Guides
  2. Staking and Validators
  3. Ecosystem Progress
  4. Thought leadership

Technology Milestones

Findora scales Ethereum privacy. But how does it do that?

User Guides

Learn some of the basics of how to use and contribute to Findora:

Staking and Validators

Ecosystem Growth

The Findora Foundation is issuing grants from its $100 Million Ecosystem Fund to sponsor privacy projects that build with Findora.

Thought Leadership

About Findora

Scaling privacy for the future of Web3.



Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy. Findora utilizes the latest breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation, to allow users transactional privacy with selective auditability. For more information, please visit

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