Birds in Suite 301

Today (Friday, April 8th) is Draw a Bird Day — a perfect excuse to step away from our monitors and Adobe Creative Suites get back to basics.

Armed with a variety of papers and classic mediums, the Citizens of Suite 301 embarked on a journey to draw a bird.Some thrived, others cringed, but all had fun.


“Mating Dance”- Kattie Baker, Senior Designer
“WIP Bird”- Andrew Fisher, Director of Design (he’s a busy guy)
“Blue Kid on the Block”-Jen May, Director of Production
“My Boy Blu” — Julianna Kuetemeyer, Marketing Coordinator
“Thanks for breakfast” — Jessica McManus, User Experience Designer / Resident Cat Lady
“Under Development”- Russell Skaggs, Director of Development
“Opus”-Justin Wolf, Director of User Experience
“Just a happy little bird”-Radleigh Wakefield, Designer
Julius K. joins mom, Julianna, in drawing a bird; Radeigh Wakefield works on his piece; Jessica McManus puts on the final touches