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A good menu is not just a list of food and beverage items. It is also an advertisement space for restaurateurs to generate more profit. You might be asking how a simple menu can generate more profits. The answer is simple; with menu engineering.

This blog post focuses on how the psychology behind the menus can enhance more profits at restaurants.

What is Menu Engineering?

Menu engineering is the strategic structure of menus. It is frequently denoted as the psychology behind the menu creation. Menu engineering studies the profitability and popularity of menu items. …

A restaurant menu’s simple function is introducing a list of food and beverage items with their prices. Some restaurants also add a short description of the dishes and include allergens on their menu to create a better experience.

However, due to new regulations and safety precautions in COVID-19, restaurants must offer a contactless dining experience. For some restaurants, the quickest way is offering their menu on PDF being accessed via a QR code . It is fast and cheap. However, PDF menus don’t generate any value to restaurants, and it does not enhance the dining experience.

So the question is…

Summer ’21 is almost here. After such a challenging year, we can’t wait to visit our favorite beaches to relax and have some fun. However, the coronavirus is still out there, and it is essential to maintain social distancing and take other precautions to make sure both staff and customers are safe and healthy.

As a result, beach operators are looking for solutions that can keep their staff and customers safe while optimizing their operations.

AI-driven digital menus offer a smart solution that enhances the guest experience and operational efficiency with its contactless mobile menus.

Operators can simply create their…

This week we want to talk about the benefits of in-housing delivery and online orders

What do in-housing delivery and online orders mean?

In-housing delivery and online orders mean that restaurants receive their orders from their customers directly through their online platform and take care of their delivery with their vehicles. As a result, restaurants have full control over their delivery and the ordering process. Restaurateurs can simply create their menu online, receive orders, and use their vehicles to transport the items.

Restaurants can increase revenue, customer satisfaction, avoid commission fees, and target their regular customers if they implement in-house…

Online ordering has been booming since COVID-19. It looks like this trend will continue to rise in 2021 since the dine-out option is either restricted or unavailable. According to UBS Evidence, the total “dine-in restaurant sales in the USA decreased 69% in the week ended Nov. 29. In that same week, takeout and delivery sales rose 59%.” Unfortunately, the revenue from “dine-out” is not enough for restaurants to remain sustainable in their business.

High Commission Problem at Dine-out Option

The “Dine-out” option is not profitable because restaurants pay high commission fees for the 3rd party delivery platforms. Commissions and extra charges eat restaurants revenue and while…

2020 was one of the most difficult years for the hospitality industry. Because of the unexpected outbreak of coronavirus, the industry faced the risk of going out of business. On account of restrictions laid out by the government, the majority of the restaurants either shut their dine-in operations or reduced the size of their indoor capacity. As a result, restaurateurs looked for new options that could help them to adopt the “new normal”.

This meant restaurateurs had to change their business model and offer or increase alternative services such as takeaway and delivery.

So how can businesses adapt and implement…

Instagram has completely changed the dynamics of the restaurant business. Nowadays, chefs and restaurant owners think of their menu items and their restaurant’s ambiance based on its “insta-worthiness”. The more capturing and creative the food and the ambiance, the more photo-happy guests coming through the door.

However, nowadays restaurateurs face a bigger challenge; how can they differentiate their business with limited dine-in capacity or while their doors are only open for delivery and take-out? Can they still leverage Instagram to boost their sales during the pandemic? The answer is yes!

Here are 5 tips to grow your restaurant business via…

2020 was one of the most difficult years for the hospitality industry. According to National Restaurant Association in the USA, “restaurants lost $240 billion in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 75% of the operators expecting the downturn to keep them unprofitable until at least the year.”

Heading into 2021, the restaurant industry expects another difficult year. However, it is important to stay optimistic because technological developments rapidly improve the dynamics of the gastronomy industry. Those outlets that adapt well to digital transformation, will see an increase in sales and profits.

So here are the top 5 technology trends that…

The addition of online ordering is an important add-on to the restaurant business in 2020. While social interaction is minimized, many customers still want to eat from their favorite restaurants. As a result, they seek online ordering. But the platform customers choose their order, directly affects restaurants' profitability.

Third-party vendors such as Uber-Eats or Grabhub can offer ease and convenience, but that arrives with a cost; loss of profitability.

The question for restaurants is: Are you experiencing a decrease in profits because of the high fees and commissions charged by delivery services?

During the pandemic, many of the restaurants had…

We have been using paper menus for the past 300 years. According to the University of Nevada’s public collection; “Menus: The Art of Dining”, the use of paper menus begun in Paris in the late 18th century. At that time, only limited dishes were available for customers, and items changed daily based on their availability, seasonality, or chef’s mood. Therefore, many restaurants had chalkboard menus that contain the list of the available dishes outside of their door. In addition, waiters had to memorize the items and would read the names of dishes to their guests.

As the number of dishes…

FineDine Digital Menus

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